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Aleppo Update: Syrian Armed Forces regain control, prepare for Final Battle [Reports+Videos]

the real Syrian Free Press

Aleppo-11august2016click on map to enlarge

At the present time, upwards of 6,000 takfiris are mounting a force to attempt to reverse the gains of the SAA over the last two days.

Events in the siege of Aleppo since our last update have followed a tense yet decisive course. While the specifics remained fluid, the overall outcome was a somewhat predictable course given the balance of forces.

Changes which appeared to favor the ‘rebel’ takfiris began late in the day on August 6th, when al-Nusra and FSA began to make gains in their attempt to connect with the external takfiri force in the south-west area of Aleppo.

There was a brief connection, but very soon came under shelling and aerial bombardment from Russians, rendering this – as we reported several days ago – operationally unusable.

As we reported on the 7th/8th, this attempt to break the siege actually failed.

The fluidity…

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