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Alex Jones ‘Ultra Concerned’ Over Looming War With Russia, Media Blackout (Video)

« I’ve gone from … being super concerned –  to ultra concerned –  to now, screaming concerned. »

« My God, we really are in the hands of evil. »

« What do we do?  Do we pray?  Do we repent?  Do we get more politically involved? »

Watch as Alex Jones outlines the threat of war with Russia.

  • A failed special forces operation in Crimea by Ukrainian troops.
  • Russian warnings of nuclear escalation.
  • US nukes in danger of being seized in Turkey
  • Build up of Russian troops on the border of Ukraine.
  • The Western media blackout.
  • And a looming spectre of evil that Alex Jones feels in his gut.

Full transcript follows below:

Full transcript:

« My gut has never been wrong folks and it as I get older I always follow it. When I was younger I didnt. My gut has gone from and I’ve talked about this the last few years, from being super concerned –  to ultra concern –  to now screaming concerned.

I’m gonna be honest with you because i don’t want to say I’m panicking but i have- I mean you can see the dread. I can feel it, the danger to my children, your children-civilization right now and I’ve never talked like this, people know.

I’ve always felt pretty good about myself I feel horrible that I can’t figure out words or I can’t figure out the guests to get on or somehow to find a way to stop what’s happening. And I’m not beating myself over the head I’m just psychoanalyzing myself that things are so intense… that I’m desperate I mean I can see historically what’s happening I can see the preparations, I can see the economic preparations, I can see all the emergency COG (Continuity of Government) preparations, and I’m just saying to myself, My God, we really are in the hands of evil.

What do we do?  Do we pray?  Do we repent?  Do we get more politically involved?

Sure, a lot of folks are waking up.  Sure Donald Trump listens to me and others… Ok, but where do we go from here?

Our report is now on drudge report.com. Report: US moving nukes closer to Ukraine. And this article is gonna get a lot of scrutiny and the media is going to spin this so we probably need to add the previous reports we’ve done where Putin says they’re moving Nukes to the boarder. So that should be added, we also need to add the NATO statement about moving troops in Poland up the Russian border and other borders with Russia.

Just to document, because they’ll sit there probably and attack Drudge and deny this is going on.

This is being reported by Euro-Act and this is an independent European media platform specializing in publication dealing with European news and european-centric topics and it’s breaking down all the different publications and they’re picked up four different TV feeds and they put it out in English German Spanish Greek Bulgarian Romanian, you name it. And they’re based in Brussels, Belgium.

But the point is that we already know this is what Putin has been complaining of. And so this just feeds into the fact that we have these other headlines: Turkey considering military ties with Russia as NATO shows willingness to cooperate. Isis new threat: dozens of US- nuclear bombs stored at Turkish Air Base are at risk of being seized by terrorists. That’s RT and others reporting that. None of this is in our news! And then we’ve got this information from RT: Kiev has turned to terrorism – Putin on foiled sabotage plot in Crimea.

This is at a press conference days ago and no coverage, let’s play a minute from that press conference. »


This is a highly alarming information- it is true that our special forces have foiled an attempt by a group of sabotage infiltrators belonging to the Ukrainian defense administration intelligence agency who were seeking to penetrate the Crimean territory.

And in view of these events it has become pointless to meet with the Ukraine’s current authorities at the Normandy format. We have suffered losses as a result of this operation. We undoubtedly cannot turn a blind eye to the deaths of our servicemen.

But I would also like to address our American and European partners. I think today has become obvious for everyone that Kiev’s current authorities are not seeking ways to solve problems through negotiations and have turned to terrorism instead.

This is a highly troubling development. There are no other reasons for conducting such actions other than to distract the Ukrainian people and divert their attention from the disasterous economic situation and the miserable conditions most of them are living in.

Source: http://russia-insider.com/en/alex-jones-warns-media-blackout-us-standoff-russia-escalates/ri16096

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